w1Designs and Custom your wedding Dress @ Chau’s Tailor

We here at Chau’s Tailor understand the importance of feeling comfortable yet glamorous, relaxed yet elegant, stress-free yet the centre of attention.

We understand that it’s the most important day of your life and you want your dress to be just right. But we also know that buying a wedding dress can be expensive. Which is why our tailor-made, unique fit wedding dresses are 30 to 40% cheaper than those you’ll find on a store rack. We pride ourselves on making things effortless and inexpensive for you! Our easy-to-use Style Guide will help you find a wedding dress that has the best look for your body shape, while our straightforward Measuring Guide will ensure your dress fits like a glove. Best of all, we absolutely GUARANTEE our workmanship. That why, if you’re not happy with your wedding dress purchase, we offer you a 100% money back guarantee!

w2Designs and Custom your Prom Dress @ Chau’s Tailor

We offer high quality custom made ladies dresses, made with high quality fabrics, and service that is beyond anything you have experienced before.

highest quality
designed by you with help from a professional Image Consultant
tailor made
personalised service
USA company
guaranteed quality
guaranteed fit
your own personal brand
huge range of fabrics

If you aren’t the same shape as the standard dummies used to create dresses for retail stores, it may be hard for you to find the right dress.

The beauty of custom made dresses is you can design your dresses around your body shape with the help of a professional image consultant. Which means you not only get a dress that fits you, but you also get a dress that hides your flaws and features your best assets.

w3Designs and Custom your Suits
@ Chau’s Tailor.

The beauty of our bespoke tailoring is both the quality and uniqueness  of each garment – you select the style, fabric and finishing touches with the guidance of a tailor. Once the pattern has been cut to your measurements, you attend a fitting to ensure the perfect fit before our tailors construct the garment.  The result is clothing that is beautiful, compliments your figure and truly reflects your personality.