chauChau was born in Vietnam. Where, at the age of seventeen, she started to learn how to make coats, pants, vests, overcoats, and tuxedos.

In 1991, she immigrated to the United States, and landed a job in one of the Rhonda s Couture, Inc; in Edmond, Oklahoma; Services: Sewing – tailoring – designing – surging – pattern marking

Her only goals were to start her own business, to build a name for herself, and to give people a quality tailoring service. Today, her shop does professional tailoring, and has clothing designed by Danny Nguyen Couture. As she begins to work her way up, she has never forgotten the principle of giving people good service for their money. She has never considered herself a salesman or a businessman–only a fine craftsman.

CHAU’S Tailor is a full-service custom tailoring shop for men and women s fine clothing. We offer a wonderful variety of beautiful custom fashion designs in a fine selection of material and fine blends for suits, shirts and much more.

Press:Houston Chronicle newspaper