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Since 1991, Chau’s Tailors have been an essential part in making people feel good and confident in their choice of dressing up. We adhere to the philosophy of total customer satisfaction. Your clothes are designed with the utmost care and detailed for perfection. Every suit of Chau’s Tailor is hand cut to your exact measurements and style quality available. As we only use the best preferences. Jackets are properly lined inside. With the best equipment and materials to make your clothes, you can be assured of the durability and longevity of every piece made.

It is easy to recognize a good tailor-made suit. Not only because of the high quality of the fabric and the good make of the suit, but because it reflects the personal style and taste of the man that wears it. And of course because of the perfect fit of the suit.

To serve our customers best, it is important that he can choose from a wide range of available styles, suit models and suit options. OUR FABRIC ranges from 100% cotton and linens to pure Cashmere wool. Our overcoats can be sewn from 100% pure Italian Cashmere and of course we offer pure silk and silk blends. STYLES include classic single breasted suits , double breasted blazers and chic three button single breasted jackets for men. We also offer customized ladies suits, dresses, skirts, blouses etc.

With guarantee of good quality, workmanship and of course reasonable prices, we have been successful in having clients return to our shop year after year. It has always been a pleasure in serving our customers with what they need.

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